Tips & Places to Train in Cerrado


Despite the many swiming pool options you can find around the city, Brasília also offers the Lake Paranoá natural swiming pool, at Pontão do Lago Sul. When going out for a swim section, be awere of boats around the bay area, and try to find people to give some near by support to have a safe train section. It is always good to swim with some equipment to notify boats that you are swimming in the area.


Parque da Cidade is a multipurpose park located in Asa Sul in Brasilia, in the Federal District. It is one of the largest and most extensive outdoor leisure centers in the city, concentrating sports courts, artificial parks, amusement park, equestrian center and hiking trails, skating and cycling. The park is considered a patrimony of Brasilia. There you like exclusive track as well as a unique one for cycling. The speed cycling practice, the strongest seek the outskirts of the City Park between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., when the movement of cars is still low. Care should be taken when riding you bike on the roadways, and pay attention to the road is appropriate for the traffic of cyclists.


Brasília is a runner friendly city. This means that it is hard to say that you can find a place where you cannot run. That being said, there are some great places to run such as Pontão do Lago Sul, offering a path side by side to Lake Paranoá, as well as Parque da Cidade, a beautiful place to run, full of trees and small lakes, and an exclusive running path. Running around Eixo Monumental, near Parque da Cidade, at the sidewalk, is an opportunity to check all of the most impotant political buildings of Brazil, while running. The best hours of the day to run is early in the morning, when there are less cars on the streets, and the best way to prepare a running course is to take a look at Google Maps.