1 lap of 1,9km

The Challenge Cerrado begins with a one lap swim of 1.9 km that will start from the right side of Pontão do Lago Sul. The swim will be at Lake Paranoá, an artificial lake with calm water, and a sightsee to the famous JK bridge.


3 laps of 30 km

The 3-lap cycling course will provide the competitor with a highway quality course, which will have an entire closed traffic for the event. During the bike part, the athlete will go through the famous roads of the capital of Brazil.


2  laps of 10,50 km

Two laps that will be completed near the main concentration of ​​the competition, at Pontão do Lago Sul. Athletes will have full support of the spectators during the entire run course, and run at the most beatiful locations of Lake Paranoá!

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